Cowboy Series

A Cocky Little Shit

As Good As It Gets

Branding the Corriente

Down Ruby Lane

Dusty Morn

Fate of the Fartin' Felon


Frosty Morn

Good Luck

Headin' for the Barn

It Don't Tally

Lamaze, It Says to
Pant, Pant & Push

Moving Day

Moving the Waggoner D's

Ninety Miles of Bad Road

Remnant of Another Time

Sam and The Cowboss

Small Talk

Smellin' the Coffee

The Beggar

The Branding Crew

The Buckaroos

The Farrier's Lesson

The Last Star Mill

The Littlest Straggler

The Riders of Grande Camp

They Call Me Hambone

Tough as Nails

What the Hell are We
Waiting for Now, Christmas?