Frequently Asked Questions

I have noticed different types of images such as prints, giclee, etc.  What does this mean?

We offer many images, over 70 now, and we offer many of those images in different formats from posters to prints to very high quality art reproductions.  Basically, a poster is printed on thinner, glossy paper and is the most economical reproduction.  Next, there are a series of prints, typically on a better paper and printed with traditional printing methods.  In some cases, the prints can be printed on very fine quality art paper that help the image to last a very long time [usually decades].  Finally, there are giclee prints.  Giclee prints use a modern technology that more closely resembles the original painting.  Giclee prints are also printed on the highest quality art paper assuring a faithful reproduction of the original art and solid investment for the future.



What is an Artist Proof?

An Artist Proof is a reproduction, such as a print or a giclee, that has been reviewed by the artist for perfection.  The artist assures that the image is a truthful representation of the original artwork.  The review of each reproduced image takes time by the artist and therefore increases the value of the image over other images that have not been scrutinized and proofed in such a rigorous manner.



What is the difference between Signed and Signed and Numbered?

A reproduced image that is signed means that image, poster, print, etc., bears the autograph of the artist and make the reproduced art more collectable.  A reproduction that is Signed and Numbered, bears not only the artist's autograph but also is numbered.


How many prints were in the original Coors Collector Series that were produced and marketed by Coors?
Colorado Coolade
Taste The High Country
Ain't No City Beer
Baked Beans and Beer
Good Times
A Rocky Mountain Legend

All other Coors images are "additions to the series" by Gordon Snidow, they were not marketed by Coors as part of their Coors Collector Series....  They are:
Joe and The Silver Bullet
Quality Time
The Original
The Brew master
Hambone and Beer
After Hours
Happy Hour


How do you ship?

We always use FedEx Ground as we have found their service to be superior.  So, when you order, please be sure to give us an address where Fedex can deliver [no PO Boxes please].  For posters and certain other products, we will send the products in a normal mail tube.  For the fine art prints, we will send them flat in order to protect the image.  They are packaged in a cardboard sleeve and prior to that, wrapped in a plastic sleeve to assure its protection.