Limited Editions

A Cocky Little Shit

A Cool Mountain Camp

Asleep at the Wheel

Branding the Corriente

Chilton's Barn


Do You Hear What I Hear?

Dusty Morn

Fate of the Fartin' Felon


Free Range Chickens


Hambone and Beer

Hidden Assets

Hatchet Mountain

Headin' for the Barn


I Can Do It All

It Don't Tally

It Takes More Than a
Hat to Make a Cowboy

Joe and the Silver Bullet  

Lamaze, It Says to
Pant, Pant & Push

Le Mew

Moving the Waggoner D's

My Daddy Was an Ass

My Missouri Roots

Quality Time

Queen of Hearts

Sierra Blanca
The View From Fort Stanton
Smellin' the Coffee

The American Beauty

The Branding Crew

The Buckaroos
The Farrier's Lesson

The Littlest Straggler

The Prophet's Bull
The Riders of Grande Camp
The Rocky Mountain Legend

The Stand Off
They Call Me Hambone
Tread Lightly
Wintering in the Bosque