About Gordon Snidow

Gordon Snidow has been known as the foremost chronicler of the contemporary cowboy since 1959, after receiving a Bachelors Degree in Art from the Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles. He was born in Paris, Mo. in 1936 and now resides in Ruidoso, N.M.

  • "He is a historian who records his time in pictures rather than words, and as Russell and other in-their-time "contemporary" chroniclers of the West are seen today as painters of the "historic West" so Snidow will be seen in the future." - 1997 National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center 

  • "An artist who was not only at the top of his game in terms of technique, but one who was also pushing the limits of a genre in which he had been defined for many years.  He has consistently broadened the definition of western art. "    - 2002  Michael Duty Executive Director, National Center for American Western Art. 

  • "Gordon Snidow, the true trail boss of the modern cowboy artist" - 2002 Peter H. Hassrick Founding Director Emeritus, Charles M Russell Center 

  •  When Western Art Collector magazine, in December of 2017, reached out to museum directors, curators, gallery owners, artists and art experts to ask one simple question, "What is your favorite work of art that depicts the cowboy?" Trailside Gallery responded, naming Gordons painting, ‘Remnant of Another Time.’ 

What others have said about Gordon's art. 

  • Excellence is his standard.

  • Pioneered creating paintings of the women of the West.

  • Paints a symphony of the West

  • Snidow demonstrates an especially powerful facility for ordering space through use of shadows, perspective, bold intrusion of forms and areas of void.

  • Snidow quickly became a genius at communicating life's essence though subtle rather than overt narrative reference and with the contrasts of shadow and light. 

  • His success has been legend, and his dream of "interpreting the West as I lived it" has come true.